Happy Birthday to Chiou See

Happy Birthday Chiou See! Or was that ‘Abba Birthday’? A no-holds barred occasion for Chiou See’s 50th with a distinctive Abba theme was held early last month, and everyone came along to wish her the best, even her old school friends.

Elements residents hit the dance floor to a live band and the best, danceable Abba tracks. The local ladies (and a few Benny’s and Bjorn’s) gave us their own rendition of ‘Super Trooper’, ‘Money Money Money’ any many other 1970s hits to create the perfect atmosphere.


Outside, a band of professional cooks prepared fantastic paella dishes and eventually, Elements residents were able to get Chiou See to stay still for five minutes so they could thank her for starting up this perfect retirement community, and for continuing to put her huge heart and deep soul into making Elements village life a fantastic experience for all who live, work and visit here.

By the end of the evening there was no space left on the dance floor. With feather boa’s disintegrating as the night went on, and as the wine continued to be poured, residents celebrated the night through, knowing that home was only a few steps away.

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