Garden lovers are turning Japanese

Green thumbs in Queensland don’t have to visit Japan to experience an authentic Zen garden, with a $500,000 private oasis soon opening to the public for the first time.

Set against 470 hectares of lush koala habitat, just south of Brisbane, the culturally contrasting garden was designed for the enjoyment of residents at Elements retirement village at Springwood.

Village founder and Managing Director Chiou See Anderson said the garden named Hana, Japanese for ‘flower’, was so beautiful it should be enjoyed by the wider community.

“I love seeing our residents painting or reading in the garden, or just enjoying the peace and quiet,” Ms Anderson said.

“We’ve hosted a few private functions here but I’m thrilled to show it off with our first open garden in June.”

Tokyo-based master landscaper Tamon Yamaguchi was engaged to design the Zen garden, which boasts a tea house, male and female waterfalls, large pond, cedar wood entrance door, several specially crafted bridges and a magnificent array of plants including Japanese Maple and Chinese Elm.

“I had the immense pleasure of creating this Japanese garden,” Mr Yamaguchi said.

“A Japanese garden is never boring, it is never dull and always full of life. It is completely different to any other type of garden found in the west.

“This Japanese garden cannot be seen in her entirety from one point and this has been done on purpose so it encourages you to keep going, keep discovering, wondering what’s around the corner or under that rock.”
Ms Anderson said many complex and intricate elements were incorporated into the design but it still exuded tranquillity.

“You don’t have to be a garden enthusiast to appreciate its beauty,” she said.

“We’ll also be hosting Japanese tea ceremonies during the open day to give people a real taste of Japan.”

WHAT: Free public admission to the Elements Zen Garden
WHEN: 10am – 3pm, Sunday 11 June 2017
WHERE: 224 Dennis Road, Springwood

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