Excursion to Margaret Olley Art Centre at Murwillumbah

Our merry Elements troupe of eleven set off to the Art Centre which houses exhibitions of paintings, objects, a research library and education workshop; but the high-light for many is seeing the recreation of Margaret Olley’s home studio in Sydney—20,000 items painstakingly shifted to the Murwillumbah Centre Margaret Olley’s rooms are amazingly jam-packed with her furniture, paintings, paint tubes, brushes, bottles etc etc.


Except for Margaret Olley’s display, the exhibitions change and the latest is ‘stroke your fur’, assemblages using Hoop Pine tree bark very unusual and clever.


We had a delightful lunch overlooking hilly, green grassy dairying country—very picturesque a top place to have lunch. Then our intrepid bus driver Ted brought us home via the coast, so we had a taste of country and surf (did not see any dreaded sharks off the New South Wales coastline).


Thanks go to Lois for organising; Ted, the bus driver and John our photographer.

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