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International Nurses Day SeminarFlorence NightingaleEvery year, International Nurses Day is celebrated on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. It is a day to celebrate the role nurses play in the care of their communities. This year, Chiou See Anderson, Elements’ Managing Director has been invited to speak at a Qld Health seminar as part of the International Nurses Day celebrations.

Over 100 Nurses (registered nurses and assistants in nursing) plus several health industry representatives including WorkPac Health Care, will be attending  the educational seminar on 10th May delivered by The Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit. The theme is evidence based practice and decision making in Nursing and Care, called Closing The Gap: From Evidence to action.

In addition to her village operator role, Chiou See holds the Aging Advisor position for the National Council of Women Qld (NCWQ). At the recent NCWQ dinner attended by several Elements residents, Chiou See delivered an informative and entertaining speech to attendees, one of which was an orgainser for the Qld Health International Nurses Day seminar.

“I’m delighted to be invited to present at this Year’s seminar”, Chiou See stated. “My talk will be an outline of where gerontology research is heading as it relates to nurses”.  Other topics will include “Just because your old, doesn’t mean you’re not thinking about it”, “Amazing Dementia Research and How to Apply It”, and “20 Years of Experience or One Year of Experience, 20 Times Over?”.

The event is being held Thursday 10th May at The Auditorium, Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit.



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