Elements Retirement Living is a special community in its own right but our residents never forget they are part of a much bigger community where not everyone is counting down the days until Christmas.


While the festive season is undoubtedly a special time of year, it can also be a reminder for many families and individuals of the financial hardships they face or the heartache that comes with being a long way from loved ones or feeling isolated in general.


With such thoughts in their hearts, Rob and Trish Meulman issued a call to arms for their Elements Retirement Living neighbours and friends to contribute to a collection of Christmas hampers aimed at putting smiles on strangers’ faces.


A bevvy of goodies soon grew at the Community Centre where donations where being collected and before long, was overflowing at the front doors.


From cakes, puddings and tinned ham to bonbons and decorations, an assortment of Christmas-themed items eased the pressure for those desperate to bring festive cheer to their dining room tables.


Add in a huge range of age-appropriate gifts for children, men and women and it’s easy to see why the gift of giving is so much more special than receiving.


It wasn’t all froth and bubble though, with many residents recognising the need to donate non-perishable grocery items such as tinned fruit, soup, biscuits, salmon, pasta and long-life milk, not to mention essentials including detergents and toiletries.


Once compiled, the Christmas hampers were passed on to the kindhearted folk at St Vincent de Paul Society and Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association (LECNA), which both do so much to support those in need.


LECNA was also the recipient of several boxes of biscuits thanks to the kindness of our residents.


As you’d imagine, both organisations were incredibly grateful for the support they received at this crucial time of year but not as proud as we are of the wonderful community spirit that continues to shine among our beautiful residents at Elements Retirement Living.

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