Elements Facebook workshops make ABC news

With so many seniors using the internet these days, Elements decided to call on telecommunications companies to give seniors a break on data.

Who knew it would make ABC News?

Elements Retirement Living Managing Director Chiou See Anderson says discounted data plans would encourage older Australians to embrace the digital age and improve their mental health.

“Australian seniors are among the most connected in the world; almost 80 per cent of Australians over 65 are online,” she says.

“And almost a third of them are using mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones[i].

“It’s time our telcos stepped up to provide substantial discounts on data bundles for older Australians, to encourage them to get online and stay connected.”

Chiou See says social media also provided a partial fix to the pervasive problem of social isolation among the elderly.

“Social media can provide older Australians with the opportunity to nurture – or even build – social connections,” she says.

“Facebook and email let them keep in touch and keep up-to-date with family and friends, whether they’re a few suburbs or an ocean away.

“It also lets them share their own experiences, hobbies and travels.”

Chiou See says older Australians needed to be able to confidently engage with the digital world, whether via email, online services or social media.

“98% of Elements’ residents are computer literate and they happily go online to research an topic, pay bills, book trips or shop but social media is the next frontier – it can be daunting for a newbie.”

“That’s why we run Facebook workshops – to introduce our residents to this new world, show them the benefits and help them use it safely and confidently.”

Chiou See has invested in over half a million dollars in a private fibre optic network for Elements Retirement Village.

“Having our own fibre optic network at Elements means our residents have access to the fastest possible download speeds,” she says.

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