Elements’ Australia Day

Damper, including some delicious home-made varieties, and lamingtons were the focus of the Aussie morning tea at Elements on our national day. And where better to have this gathering than our brand new Shed, which had been appropriately decorated for the occasion.

Aus Day content

A little sing-song added to the atmosphere of Akubras, hats dangling corks and other Oz paraphernalia, a Vegemite shirt, eye-catching glasses, and flags adorning bodies and clothes. Many of the more than 30 residents who attended joined in the spirit of the day. The two best dressed were Rhonda (on her birthday too!) and John Coyer.

Aus Day content 2

There were no cockroach races, thank goodness, but some thong throwing added considerable hilarity to the occasion. Who would have thought Gwen and Tony could be so devious in making the target so mobile at times?

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