Chinese New Year Celebrations at Elements

This year we invited family and friends to our colourful and traditional Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Did you know… The date of the Chinese New Year always falls between 21st January and 20th February, although celebration usually take place up to 15 days after. This is to allow celebrants time to visit all family members, near and far, to pay their respects and offer well intentioned wishes for the new year!

At Elements, we didn’t need to carry out the sweeping of the grounds tradition ten days before the party as our village grounds are always kept very clean! On the day of this fun-filled event the community kitchen was full of mouth-watering smells which reminded anyone who walked past of the feast to come.

Our dedicated group of amateur and professional cooks prepared various traditional Chinese New Year dishes. We made sure the seven lucky dishes were served:

  • Dumplings to represent wealth
  • Longevity Noodles for happiness and, well, longevity
  • Tangyuan or sweet rice balls for family togetherness
  • Spring rolls for wealth (a lot of Chinese New Year foods are to do with money!
  • Niangao or rice cake for promotion and … you guessed it, wealth
  • Good fortune fruit for fulfilment and … wealth.
  • Fish dishes for increased prosperity … also known as wealth!

With residents, friends and family members we watched the two lucky dragons dance to traditional Chinese music and battled over a game of Chinese trivia. A perfect end to yet another perfect evening at Elements Living retirement village.

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