Celebrating ANZAC Day at Elements Living

Why We Celebrate

Anzac Day is especially significant for Australians and New Zealanders alike. It is a national day of remembrance that commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars.

Like many observances and days of recognition, we too have our way to commemorate together as a village. ANZAC Day is especially important at Elements as many of our residents were members of military forces. At Elements it is a day of remembrance that we hold dear to our hearts, just like many of our residents.

An Element’s ANZAC Day

The Elements Retirement Living ANZAC commemoration began with a march through the village and a dawn driveway service. Chiou See, the Elements Managing Director led the march as she drove a golf buggy through the village streets that had been appropriately decorated with a commemorative wreath, poppies, and the Australian flag. Following Chiou See, Veteran Eric Johansen led those on foot as he marched front and centre whilst proudly carrying his own Australian Flag.

Along our march, we were joined by the wives, daughters, and grandchildren of past servicemen. We completed the march on the final village street, which also happens to be at our cenotaph. The service was held at this location as residents gathered on seating in front of the community centre, facing a podium of speakers and the village cenotaph.

The dawn service was performed by a group of Elements residents. The service proceedings began with the resident’s chairman Ian Smythe opening the commemorative ceremony. Resident Alan Girvan gave the Ode to Remembrance, followed by Bob Still who gave the commemorative address. This was followed by Element’s resident Rob Wilson raising the flag during the Reveille. At the end of the service, we invited members representing the Army, Airforce and Navy, Merchant Navy to lay wreaths. Village founder Chiou See Anderson laid a wreath herself for Elements Retirement Living. Once the service was completed, Element’s residents gathered for a sausage sizzle, a game of two up and a social dance.



A Community of Support

As a community, we are so appreciative to be able to come together to pay tribute. Every gathering is another great reminder of the importance of embracing the love and support that is so prevalent throughout the village. ANZAC Day 2021 was a great day of remembrance, mate-ship and celebrating freedom.

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