Directed Care
(CDC) Packages

Consumer Directed
Care (CDC) gives older
people and their carers
greater control

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Packages

In-Home Care Packages

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives older people and their carers greater control about the types of care services they receive and the delivery of those services.

If you want to know more about CDC and how it can help improve your lifestyle and wellbeing, we can help by putting you in touch with our Heather Hill Home Care nurses. They will be able to visit you and advise on home care arrangements

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Our Residents Say 'Hi'

  • Hi, Robyn here. I’m a long time resident of Elements. I made the right decision. I’m a passionate Fibre Artist, creating baskets, bags and scarfs

    Robyn Van Holland
  • We love having the grand kids visit, and it’s wonderful to know they are welcome in our village. They love seeing the wallabies and the kids feel just as much at home here as we do.

    Trish and Rob
  • We’re long term residents of Springwood, loving the area but wanting to downsize. Elements was a perfect option for us, we are so happy to have discovered Elements.

    Eric and Gwenn

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