Be Active and Find Your Ikigai

It is no secret that keeping active in retirement can be a key component to a long, happy, and healthy life. At Elements Living, residents are forever busy and, on the go. Days are filled with plenty of activities, fuelling passions and a zest for life!

The notion of slowing down after retirement is simply lost on us here at Elements Living. Our residents are living longer, are more active, have more energy and are finding purpose in each day. There is certainly no sign of slowing down.

We are a retirement village that promotes wellness, physical activity and of course, finding your “Ikigai”.

Not familiar with “Ikigai”? Put simply, Ikigai is the Japanese secret to living a long and healthy life full of purpose and fulfilment. There are many ways in which our retirees can find their Ikigai long after leaving their career or vocation. We focus on 10 key elements to ikigai, one of them being ACTIVE.

Remaining active can look like many things. In this sense, to stay active is to choose to keep going, to not stop or give up the things you love doing and do well. If this happens an individual can lose their purpose in life. Staying in the game, despite your status in life (retirees, we are looking at you) is continuing to do things of value, make progress, bringing beauty or utility to others, help others where you can. Be purposeful.

How Elements Retirement Living Helps You Stay Active

At Elements Retirement Living we are strong advocates for the Ikigai philosophy, particularly because we have witnessed first-hand the benefits both to health, longevity, and enrichment the lifestyle has on the residents. We ensure that the residents at Elements Living are spoiled for choice with opportunities to be active, participate in or explore a new activity so during their third age, they keep busy, curious, and purposeful.

A typical week at Elements, sees several active and engaging activities made available right here on the retirement village grounds:

  • Why not get out and amongst nature, use your hands and get acquainted with your green thumb? Help our community by creating a beautiful home for both us, and the wildlife around us. Bend and stretch your way into a healthier lifestyle with our weekly yoga classes. Designed to help promote a healthy body and mindset.
  • Allow your hands to do the work and explore your creativity! Our residents have access to creative activities such as pottery, sewing, leather work, painting, woodwork, and metalwork.

Engaging in our vast selection of available activities can offer something truly special for our residents. Our creative activities promote creative freedom, self-awareness, and expression. Physical activities particularly in groups not only has significant health benefits but help cultivate new relationships and promote confidence in your instincts.

We can never overlook how fortunate we are to be situated directly next to the Daisy Hill Conservation Park. While living around such picturesque landscape is idyllic, it has also been equally thought-provoking, sparking inspiration to learn and to be part of a bigger picture. Our residents are encouraged to delve and learn more about sustainability, considering their footprint and of course giving back and supporting the community through environmentally friendly practises.

Throughout this public facility you can also embark on nature walks and leisurely cycles through the gorgeous park with the bonus of spotting some of Australia’s native wildlife! Koalas, possums, and wallabies are just some of the beautiful animals you can hope to see on your journey. The presence of nature has been proven to have amazing effects on your mental and physical health such as improve your mood, lower stress hormone levels, blood pressure, increase self-esteem, enhance immune system function, and reduce anxiety.

Find your Ikigai

Don’t stop!

Stay active!

There are plenty of ways to fill your day with something that feeds the soul at Elements Living. By pursuing an activity that brings you joy, you will find that your life will be filled with purpose and you will have a more positive outlook on life.

Come see for yourself how Elements’ folk retire happy, the Ikigai way!


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