An Elements Love Story: Bob & Ann Still

At Elements, relationships are at the core of who we are. From residents meeting new residents and forging friendships, to couples enjoying their retirement together. Each day offers an opportunity to embrace new and existing relationships within the community.  

Being love month, we wanted to shine the spotlight on a couple that has weathered many storms and welcomed plenty of celebrations through their lifetime together.  

The story of Elements residents Ann and Bob Still pulls at the heartstrings. The pair have been coupled up since they were mere teenagers, celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this May.  



Their story began with a confident Bob and a sceptical Ann. After Bob declared his love for Ann on their first date, Ann responded with a shocked “you can’t love me, you don’t even know me!”. Not one to miss a beat, Bob’s cheeky charisma shone through with a quick-witted “well it worked for the others”. Sure enough, Bob’s conviction paid off and the pair married at the Brisbane Presbyterian Church in Fortitude Valley soon after.  

Spending their honeymoon at People’s Palace in Brisbane CBD, the pair recall another fond memory reflecting the humour (and somewhat testing times) of their relationship. Being the sixties, their hotel accommodation didn’t offer private showers in the rooms, instead, the pair would have to shower in a communal bathroom at the end of their hall. One night, after declaring to Bob she would be back shortly, Ann headed off down the hall to prepare for bed. Returning to the room, Ann came to find herself locked out, with a soundly sleeping Bob on the other side of the locked door. After much commotion, Bob eventually awoke to his trapped wife. To this day, the pair joke about this first marital fight. 

Now, nearly six decades on, the couple love to look back on those moments, reminiscing on the times that led them to where they are now. Marriage, children, grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren later, the pair have built a lifetime of memories ignited by Bob’s confidence many years ago. 

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