An Elements Chinese New Year

Elements certainly has a social calendar unlike any other and once again there is cause to celebrate!

Residents have become accustom to an active social life filled with endless soirees, decadent feasts, social activities and plenty of music and we would not have it any other way. This month is no different as we celebrate our 10th Chinese New Year at Elements Retirement Living Village.

Following previous years of tradition, our annual Chinese New Year Celebration will be a vibrant display of culture for all to enjoy. Elements residents, friends and family are invited to an evening of endless fun as we indulge in delicious food, traditional dance and performances and games.

On The Night

The Elements Community Centre will transform into a mecca for this colourful tradition.

Chinese New Year celebrations will be held at Elements Living on Saturday 20th February from 6:30PM. Official celebrations around the globe will commence on February 12th and will end on February 22nd.

During the evening, Elements guests will be treated to a traditional lion dance., one of the most important elements of any Chinese New Year celebration. The lions are thought to give good fortune and chase away evil spirits as they bring prosperity and good luck for the new year. The creativity and energy of the lion dance never fails to dazzle and delight our guests and this year will be no exception.

Chinese New Year would not be complete without a fragrant banquet of traditional Chinese favourites. Elements guests will embark on a culinary journey, the delicious menu thoughtfully curated by Elements leading lady, and Singaporean born Chiou See Anderson. Chiou See has been sharing traditional Chinese customs with residents since the opening of the Village ten years ago. The evening is certainly a favourite among our residents, and we believe that the delicious line-up of dishes is certainly a drawing card.

The evening’s guests will also witness a demonstration of respect and social connection across the generations. This is done in the presence of our community’s friends and family as the eldest Elements resident is given the honour of offering gifts to the special grandchildren who have joined us for this special event.

In addition to bringing our family and friends together, the annual celebration is an opportunity for the Elements community to give back. The proceeds from ticket sales are distributed across three deserving charity organisations, selected by the Elements Residents. This year, proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Sunshine Butterflies, Karma’s Place Rescue, and last but not least, Brainchild Foundation.

The Year of the Ox

This year we are celebrating the year of the Ox.

The cycle of the Chinese New Year consists of 12 animals developed from Chinese folklore. This cycle is a way of naming the years, whilst being able to characterise those born under each category. The year of the Ox represents those born in 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, ,1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021.

People born during the year of the Ox are thought to hold characteristics of being reliable, strong, having the ability to inspire confidence in others, being fair, calm, patient, methodical, trusting, and conscientious.

Chinese New Year at Elements is a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and respect to the other cultures that we are so lucky to experience here in Australia. We recognise your family as our own, and we welcome all to celebrate this special event!

With this year’s (covid safe) Chinese New Year at Elements being open to all, be sure to RSVP as limited tickets are available. We cannot wait to see you for what we are sure will be another incredible evening of tradition, festivities and fun!


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