Our Vision

Everything about Elements has been thoughtfully created and crafted to make every aspect of your life more enjoyable and rewarding


Our Vision

The Elements story began in 2003 when founder Chiou See Anderson secured the block in the Daisy Hill koala habitat with a vision of building a retirement village that is a community within a community.

The village was painstakingly planned and designed to promote resident wellbeing in five key areas; physical, spiritual, social, psychological and financial.

In 2010 the vision came to life when Elements Retirement Living at Springwood opened its doors and welcomed its first residents.

Chiou See Anderson’s hand-on approach to management and close relationships with Elements’ residents has seen the success of her design philosophy evolve to include 123 single storey villas hidden among a spacious 48,100m2 of land.

This Is Your “Third Age”

You may have heard of the term, Third Age Living. Elements is retirement living for this stage of your life.

  • In the first age you are nourished.
  • In the second age you’re a breadwinner.
  • In the third age life is a feast.

The Five Elements

To help achieve that fuller enjoyment of life during your third age, the design and development of retirement living at Elements has looked at all the “elements” PhysicalSpiritualSocialPsychological and Financial.