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Carindale & Springwood

Safe and Secure

Many of our residents were looking for a secure retirement village in South Brisbane after having been broken into at an existing residence.

Unfortunately, Brisbane break-ins are all too common and it’s a sad fact that many retirees – especially those living alone – feel forced to look for alternative accommodation. For over 50s living, our luxury house and apartment complex has made security a priority.

At Elements Living retirement community you can depend on a secure environment for complete peace of mind.

The entire complex is monitored with unobtrusive cameras and all properties are lockable. Of course, the Elements Living luxury retirement community revolves around a sociable and friendly group of like-minded people who will be more than happy to keep an eye on your property should you go away for an hour, a weekend or a long holiday abroad.

The sense of community is so strong you’ll also have no problem finding a willing neighbour to water the garden while you’re gone!

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