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Independent Living – Security, Care and Support

Elements residents commonly share the desire to actively embrace their Third Age of life. Retirement living at Elements can provide you with many wonderful opportunities to do just that!

We do, however, recognise and understand that from time to time and as you age, you may require additional care and support. For this purpose, we have formed partnerships with Heather Hill Home Care and Tunstall and Watersprings Health Care


Care and Support Options

Heather Hill Home Care

Elements residents have access to Heather Hill in-home care and lifestyle support packages including assistance around the home. Residents may also attend the the monthly clinic visit provided by Heather Hill Home Care.

Telecare, Telehealth, Assistive


Residents have access to a range of security and safety options delivered by Tunstall to maintain their independence and secure peace of mind for loved ones.

GP Services

Local GP Services

A local clinic that fully understands senior health.

After Hours Bulk Billed Doctor Home Visits

After hours, in-home GP.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Packages

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives older people and their carers greater control about the types of care services they receive and the delivery of those services.

If you want to know more about CDC and how it can help improve your lifestyle and wellbeing, we can help by putting you in touch with our Heather Hill Home Care nurses. They will be able to visit you and advise on home care arrangements


In-Home Care Packages and On-Site Clinics

Elements have partnered with Heather Hill Home Care to deliver a HACC (Home and Community Care) assessment when you first move in. All new residents will be able to avail themselves of Heather Hill Home Care’s health and wellbeing assessment prior to moving into their homes.

In-Home Care Packages

Funded Packages Delivered By Heather Hill Home Care

Heather Hill Home Care is a family-owned business providing private & government subsidised professional in-home services to ensure seniors can continue to enjoy their independence and lifestyle.

Upon completing the assessment, staff from Heather Hill Home Care will advise and assist residents in accessing government funded packages to enable them to remain independent in their homes whilst achieving a high level of wellbeing. Our exclusive partnership with Heather Hill Home Care can deliver care and support directly to you at Elements. Heather Hill Home Care meet with you and assess if you can access any of the HACC packages. They will let you know what is available, how to access packages and provide friendly advice and guidance.

  • In-home care packages assist residents to live independently for as long as possible.
  • Heather Hill Home Care offer flexible in-home care that takes into account lifestyle, cultural background and religious beliefs.
  • The range of services provided by Heather Hill Home Care to the community are supported by a variety of funding sources including HACC (Home and Community Care), DVA (Dept of Veterans’ Affairs), Queensland Health, Home Front and private funding.
  • Heather Hill Home Care help maintain your independence at home by providing support with everyday household tasks.
  • Help available with  Housework, Cleaning, Bill paying & banking, Shopping assistance, Meal preparation, and Personal care.
  • Heather Hill’s full list of services can be viewed here. Their  in-home care solutions are flexible and if there is a service you are interested in but don’t see below, just ask us!
On-Site Clinics

Heather Hill Home Care Clinics

Heather Hill Home Care run monthly clinics at the Elements village.Heather Hill Home Care

At the weekly clinics, a Registered Nurse Consultant is on-site at Elements to answer all residents health & support questions and to assist with:

  • Blood Pressure checks,
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Simple wound care

Telecare, Telehealth and Assistive Technologies

Safety and security is always paramount. A wide range of options, packages and equipment is available for residents. Loved ones receive peace of mind.

Telecare and Telehealth

Telecare and Telehealth Systems by Tunstall

Elements healthcare info morning with Blue Care, Tunstall and Watersprings Health Centre
Elements health care info morning - Blue Care, Tunstall & Watersprings Health Centre

Tunstall offers a wide range of solutions for residents to maintain their independence and secure peace of mind for loved ones. Packages include:

  • T400 base alarm with personal radio trigger  This allows a resident to activate an alarm call to Tunstall’s 24 hour response centre any time of the day or night.
  • Pull cord  These are usually placed in the shower, toilet and over the bed to trigger the base alarm.
  • Bogus caller  Subtly activate an alarm call to Tunstall’s 24 hour response centre if  uncertain or uncomfortable with the person at your front door.
  • Fall detector  Worn on the belt, the fall detector detects when the wearer falls only activating an alarm call if they do not get up within 15 seconds.
  • Property exit sensor  Monitors people leaving at unusual time of the day or night and activates an alarm call if they do not return within a preset time frame.
Assistive Technologies

LifeTech Assistive

Assistive Technology’  is a device or system that provide people with practical solutions to everyday life activities.

QLD smart home initiative

LifeTec Qld can deliver a range of options for Elements residents including:

  • Aids for daily living  Devices that help in daily living and independence.
  • Mobility aids  Devices that help people move within their environments.
  • Seating and positioning  Adapted seating etc that provide body support to help people perform a range of daily tasks.
  • Environmental controls  Electronic systems that help people control various appliances, switches for telephone, TV etc.

Local Clinic and After Hours Home Visits

Elements’ preferred General Practitioner (GP) provider, Watersprings Health Centre, is a practice that fully understands senior health. Additionally, we have partnered with National Home Doctors for urgent after hours in-home care.

Local Clinic In Springwood
Local GP Service in Springwood

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Elements’ preferred General Practitioner (GP) provider, Watersprings Health Centre, a practice that fully understands senior health, offers patient priority and home visits for Elements residents when necessary.

  • Watersprings adopts a primary health care approach
  • Focus is on achieving general well-being and being proactive in preventing our residents from acquiring age-related disease.
  • Full health and wellness approach to your well-being.
  • An integrated health service with medical doctors having over a decade of clinical experience.
  • Services include Holistic Nutrition, Dietitian/Nutritionist with an adjoining pathology collection centre and chemist.
  • Watersprings Health Centre is located at 2 Murrajong Road, Springwood.
  • Their contact number is 07 – 3808 8199.
After Hours Home Doctors

The National Home Doctor Service provides urgent, bulk billed in-home medical care for residents of Elements.


A visit from a Home Doctor is:

  • Bulk Billed for Medicare and DVA cardholders.
  • Available anytime 4pm-8am Weekdays, from noon Saturday to 8am Monday and 24 hours on a public holiday.
  • Booked by calling 13 SICK ( 13 7425).

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