Switch It On Seniors Fitness @ Springwood

Dear Friends, Family, Friends of Elements and the Springwood local community,

You are all welcome to attend our weekly Switch It On Fitness for Seniors sessions held in our beautiful, air conditioned community centre.

As a senior, you know you “should” exercise more—and yet, somehow when you’re 60, 70, 80 or beyond—the excuses to not exercise seem very BIG and REAL! Exercise reluctance happens at any age, but when it’s compounded by aging body parts, it’s hard to tell the difference between valid reasons and excuses.  No matter what excuse, most of us can do something! When it comes to exercise, something is better than nothing!

Switch it on Fitness has successfully offered a mild/moderate weekly exercise program and a Zumba Gold session every Saturday morning, for 3 years, at Elements Third Age Living Retirement Village, Springwood.  These sessions are not only for residents, but also for invited friends/family and interested local community members as well.

Switch it on Fitness offers a comprehensive, 30–45-minute program, suitable for every ability, standing or seated, and includes warm-up and cool down/stretch components.

We aim to keep our programs fun, exciting and achievable for you, incorporating:

Strength & Weight Training: Strength training helps reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases and conditions that commonly afflict older adults, including arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity and back pain.

Endurance Training: Endurance training strengthens and improves cardiorespiratory function. It improves muscle function and general movement by providing more power to muscles, cardiovascular systems, bones, joints, and lungs.

Flexibility Training: Exercises that improve flexibility will give you better blood circulation and build muscle in areas that help support your body, making movement easier. Flexibility can also improve your posture, which reduces strain on your spine and core muscles and eases related pains.

Balance & Coordination:  This can directly help prevent falls.   Balance and coordination exercises will improve the overall quality of life in older adults. Along with the physical benefits such as enhanced stability, balance exercises may help improve mental functioning, including memory and spatial cognition.

Zumba Gold:  Zumba Gold was created for seniors and beginners. It’s fun, but less intense! What are Zumba Gold classes? Zumba Gold is a modified Zumba class for active older adults that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.

Group Fitness: Statistics show that there are many great benefits of working out in a group. They include, sharing goals, sharing conversation, and simply sharing the experience which creates a camaraderie that helps make participants want to work out.

We are mature, certified fitness and Zumba instructors. We transport all equipment required for the session and the participants are only required to bring themselves, a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing and suitable shoes.  For your safety, our equipment is well sanitised before every session.

Your first session is FREE – Try before you buy!  Everyone is welcome!

Thereafter, the cost per week will be $8 for Elements residents and $10 for non-residents –

COME AND TRY – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

Dress Code: Comfortable for movement

Bring: Smile

Parking: On site / Street

Cost: Your first session is FREE – Try before you buy!  Everyone is welcome! Thereafter, the cost per week will be $8 for Elements residents and $10 for non-residents

Your Instructors: The weekly sessions are run by Jacquie and Gay, both fully certified fitness instructors and fully covered by insurance.

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224 Dennis Road Springwood Qld 4127

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