Telecare, Telehealth, Assistive Care

Residents have access to a range of security and safety options.


Telecare and Telehealth Systems by Tunstall

At Elements retirement village in Brisbane, residents have access to a range of retirement living facilities, including extensive security and safety options by Tunstall.

Tunstall offers a wide range of solutions for residents to maintain their independence and secure peace of mind for loved ones. Packages include:

  • T400 base alarm with personal radio trigger – This allows a resident to activate an alarm call to Tunstall’s 24 hour response centre any time of the day or night.
  • Pull cord – These are usually placed in the shower, toilet or over the bed to trigger the base alarm.
  • Bogus caller – Subtly activate an alarm call to Tunstall’s 24 hour response centre if  uncertain or uncomfortable with the person at your front door.
  • Fall detector – Worn on the belt, the fall detector detects when the wearer falls only activating an alarm call if they do not get up within 15 seconds.
  • Property exit sensor – Monitors people leaving at unusual time of the day or night and activates an alarm call if they do not return within a preset time frame.

Assistive Technology’ is a device or system that provide people with practical solutions to everyday life activities.

Assistive Technologies

 LifeTec Qld can deliver a range of options for Elements residents including:
  • Aids for daily living – Devices that help in daily living and independence.
  • Mobility aids – Devices that help people move within their environments.
  • Seating and positioning – Adapted seating etc that provide body support to help people perform a range of daily tasks.
  • Environmental controls – Electronic systems that help people control various appliances, switches for telephone, TV etc.

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Safety and security is always paramount for residents enjoying retirement living in Brisbane at Elements. A wide range of options, packages and equipment is available for residents, while loved ones receive peace of mind.

Discover happy living, great neighbours and friends at Elements
Retirement Village, in Springwood, Brisbane.

Our Residents Say 'Hi'

  • We love having the grand kids visit, and it’s wonderful to know they are welcome in our village. They love seeing the wallabies and the kids feel just as much at home here as we do.

    Trish and Rob
  • We’re long term residents of Springwood, loving the area but wanting to downsize. Elements was a perfect option for us, we are so happy to have discovered Elements.

    Eric and Gwenn
  • We’ve been residents since 2010 and we love the serenity of the village, enjoying the Zen Garden and the wonderful Daisy Hill forest right on our doorstep.

    Dorothy and Selwyn

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